Budding Floral Print

March 17, 2016

A print created by our Senior Textile & Embellishment Designer, Ivanka Georgieva.

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Ivanka collaborates with the Design team and creates all of the original art for prints and embellishments for the collections. Using her rich talent to paint, Ivanka designs beautiful layouts and compositions, playing with color combinations to create unique artwork for St. John.
Ivanka also works as an online professor at the Academy of Art in San Francisco introducing the design process from concept to a finalized textile collection.

“Teaching textile design and working with passionate students every day gives me energy and inspiration, helping me see the world differently.”

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Ivanka, shot at the St. John Design Studio.
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“I draw on inspiration from my Bulgarian roots in iconic cultural sites such as the Bulgarian National Museum and the Rila Monastery.”

“I usually start my artwork using the color palette and the design team’s inspiration for the season.”

Grasie527-021 (2)
Ivanka hand painting the budding floral print in Mediterranean shades of cyan and viola.
Grasie527-021 (1)

“For Spring 2016, I drew on inspiration of the Mediterranean and its bold hues and botanical bounty creating a masterful floral print.”

“Every knitted, beaded, printed floral, abstract or geometric motif seen on a garment has been through my hands and has been meticulously placed.”

Grasie527-021 (2)


Grasie527-021 (1)Cardigan, tops and dress in budding floral print. Shop the print.