Behind the DESIGN:
Spring 2016 Inspiration

February 25, 2016

The iconic landscapes of the Mediterranean offered a playground of eclectic inspiration that was central to the St. John Spring 2016 collection.

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Our journey began in the Greek isles, where the bold contrasts of Mykonos were evident everywhere; from the assertive white buildings against the backdrop of crystal blue waters to the geometric tile patterns that are weaved throughout its architecture. It was an exercise in contrast for our designers who stylishly married opposing elements seamlessly together. With aqua and seafoam shades rendered in stripes and color blocks emerged a renewed sense of island glamour. While graphic prints and ancient symbols took on a modern design language of their own.
Breezy sun-kissed beaches such as the Elia Beach just a few miles from Mykonos town also influenced textures of our seasonal knits, which took on a featherweight feel offering movement and relaxed elegance. Basking under the Grecian sunset, many of this season’s silhouettes have a gloriously gilded hue with a poise and power that is reminiscent of the goddesses who dwelled there.
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Just a tip toe away from pristine waters we found inspiration in the Lena Beach Hotel, a Summer destination for elite travelers in Greece whose exterior is known for its interplay of Alabaster and Caviar, lending itself to one of our stunning color combinations of the season.
The island of Panarea offered a canvas of natural elements and striking architecture, which continued the theme of paradoxical pairings enlivening the collection. Shape and shade were redefined as vivid florals, bold stripes and translucent paneling made for ethereal and effortless looks. And with all the elements surrounding the island, our knits took on a tactile quality from the wealth of textures of Panarea; from secluded rocky coves to winding cobblestone walkways.
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Island hopping took us off the coast of Spain to Ibiza for our final inspiration destination, which gave way to a painterly and electric color palette. Exuberant neon and hyper hues as vibrant as the nightlife itself illuminate the collection.

Whether our St. John woman is leisurely relaxing beachside or dancing under the lights, our Spring 2016 has something for every jetsetter’s wardrobe.

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