Body Type Fit

Styling for Your Silhouette


Straight body types have a bust, waist and hip measurements that don’t distinguish much from one another. You can create the illusion of a curvier figure with A-line or fit-and-flare styles while fitted pieces, such as the sheath can play up your lines.


Pear shaped body types are smaller on top with fuller hips and bottom. Drawing the eye upwards can balance out the silhouette by opting for tops with embellishments or an eye-catching neckline. A-line skirts or dresses also conceal wider hips while darker colors tend to have a natural slimming effect.


Hourglass body types have a curvier figure with a full bust, hips and a well-defined waist. Look for styles that proportionally dress the top and bottom while accentuating the waist line. Sheath dresses, fitted tops or adding a belt can play up your dimensions.


Apple body types carry weight around the top and middle without a well-defined waist. Shopping for styles that accentuate the top and diverting the focus from the torso can make for the most flattering look. Empire waist pieces and A-line skirts can conceal to reveal, while looser fitting items including tunics and flowy tops can also add to a more balanced silhouette.

Full Bust

Full bust body types are heavier in the top than in the hips and bottom. Whether you want to minimize or accentuate the bust, necklines can be a defining feature. Halter, fitted or v-necklines can highlight the bust. A-line skirts, empire waists or fit-and-flare styles can also balance out these proportions and have a desired effect.