We are proud to feature Brigette Romanek of Romanek Design Studio. A world-renowned, LA-based interior designer who regularly graces the pages of Architectural Digest and Elle Décor, Brigette’s incredible talent and star-studded client list has made her one of the most sought-after minds in the business. With a new book launch and a calendar full of client meetings, Brigette leans on strong-yet-versatile pieces to dress for her busy days – and nights. As she draws inspiration from years of travel and a deep appreciation of nature to surprise and delight her clients with her perfectly personal designs, she inspires all of us with her sophisticated and bold approach to styling St. John’s eternally classic pieces.

“I don’t think of denim as being a one-note look or a compromise of any sorts. I look at denim as another great material to layer in my looks. It’s a textile not only for off duty hours or casual plans, but so many occasions. When I pair great jeans with heels and a bit of jewelry, I feel elegant – and perhaps a bit disruptive, in a great way.”

“My power piece is often a dress. When prepping for major moments or everyday commitments, I turn to my classic, foolproof styles that make me feel good and confident. It helps that St. John dresses are so versatile, so I can commit to one outfit for a busy day and night. A great heel usually finishes the look.”

“A little black dress is everything. It sets the stage. It’s the solid, beautiful canvas for your mood and the opening of your story for the night. Boots or stilettos? Lots of jewels or one bracelet? Each additional layer builds a thoughtful and powerful ensemble.”