Artisans of Freedom

Behind the Design

There is nothing quite as intrinsically American as freedom – the freedom to express yourself, to do things your way, and to create a lifestyle that inspires and connects. Like America itself, St. John was born from the value and expression of freedom. It's in the very threads of what we do, from the smooth movement of our knitting machines to the delicate touch of our artisans as they sew on the final button. We're obsessed with creating garments that make you feel most free to live the life you were born to create.

Cashmere Dolman Sleeve SweaterCashmere Dolman Sleeve Sweater

A History of Taking Chances

Every great brand begins with a statement. For Marie Gray, it was the simple words "I think I can do that." In 1962, while modeling an elegant knit dress, she was inspired by the artisanal freedom to create her own designs. What began as Marie's dream to create and share beautiful knitwear grew to inspire her husband and family. Together, they built a textile brand founded on the belief in the freedom to do it their way. When the time came to present their very first dress to an exclusive retailer, Mr. Gray spontaneously introduced Marie's maiden name, St. John, and a legacy was born.

Growing Our Way

In the almost 60 years since the inspiration of St. John, we've grown and adapted to embrace the best parts of change while maintaining our timeless character. We welcome the cutting-edge innovation of knitwear, constantly searching for the most beautiful yarns from around the world. At the same time, we resist the temptation of fads – our designs are crafted for elegance that withstands the fleeting nature of fashion trends, embracing the eternal nature of femininity and freedom. 

Home on the West Coast

California is unique to its core – underneath that warm sunlight, it never fails to dazzle us with the unexpected. That's exactly what makes Newport Beach the perfect home for St. John Knits. Our designs come to life in the land of optimism, but they're born in the beautiful threads we chase down from all around the world. They're built for every woman and every season, with grace and structure to take you from breezy spring days to fresh fall evenings. 

Drawing our Own Path

We believe freedom lies in innovation. We're fixated on what makes women feel beautiful – extraordinary fabrics with the finest details that show off who you are. Our creative process always begins with the fabric, crafting textures with structure and softness that gives you the freedom to move. Once the fabric is born, the time comes to cut and sew the design into iconic silhouettes. The final details are as delicate as the touch of our artisans with unique embellishments that reflect the brilliance of our own California sunlight.

The Values that Define Us

At the end of the day, we are all the sum of our values. At St. John, we believe in freedom. It's ingrained in who we are, in the way we create, inspire, and live. We bring freedom to artisanal craftsmanship, designing each piece with a unique know-how and vision. We create for every woman of inspiration and free spirit, to help you look effortlessly sophisticated for every moment in your life. We create designs that move and inspire with one eternal belief in what we create and what you can achieve – “I think I can do that".