3 Fall Outerwear Styles to Have in Your Closet

Behind the Design

There's a crisp breeze in the air, and warm fall colors are everywhere from the trees to the runway. Fall is one of the most beloved fashion seasons, in part because it welcomes back the chic outerwear pieces that have been hidden away for the summer months. As cozy cardigans, sweeping coats, fall jackets, and chic blazers make their return to your closet, we’ve got the perfect tips for styling all your fall favorites.

Prussian Blue Wool Coat Saint John Fall 2019Prussian Blue Wool Coat Saint John Fall 2019

Coy Fall Cardigans

Layering is one of the most essential style techniques for fall – not only does it keep you comfortable in the changing weather, it offers a playful opportunity to experiment with new fashion combinations, too. Cozy sweaters and fall cardigans play a key role in this process, adding that finishing touch to a perfectly structured ensemble. 

When you're browsing for new sweaters, shop within the existing color palette of your closet. Neutral tones pair with everything, so it's easy to create layered looks that feel elegant and put together.

Layered outfits also rely on contrasting fits to create a cozy feel that maintains a chic silhouette. Pair a chunky sweater with a fitted skirt or a close-knit turtleneck with flowing trousers. Fall cardigans offer a little bit more flexibility – they can be worn open for a loose feel or belted at the waist to create a more structured look. 

Prussian Blue Wool Coat Saint John Fall 2019Prussian Blue Wool Coat Saint John Fall 2019

Elegant Fall Coats

When you need warm outerwear that can easily transition from day to night, fall coats offer the ideal solution. While a shorter jacket can feel too casual for some occasions, a longer coat that falls to your mid-thigh or knee adds an element of elegance and refinement. 

The choices for stylish fall coats vary from lighter styles to heavy wool designs that stay warm even on the coldest winter night. Simple, versatile designs are often best for shorter coats – they'll reveal more of your outfit, so it's important that they pair with the rest of your wardrobe. Longer coats offer the opportunity for more statement looks, as the coat becomes the focal point of your ensemble.

There are a couple of simple tricks for styling long coats. If the cut reaches past your knees, a pair of simple heels helps to elongate your silhouette. If you’re wearing the coat over thinner layers, the fit may be slightly looser than intended. In this case, use a sleek belt cinched at the waist to create a fitted, refined look. 

Blazers for Every Occasion

As one of the most versatile elements in a woman's wardrobe, classic fall jackets come to play for almost every occasion. A timeless design like a knit blazer is perfect for workwear and pairs well with jeans for elevated weekend style. 

For a playful evening ensemble, explore statement blazers that add a little something special to your style. A sequin knit jacket brings inspiration and sparkle to an elegant cocktail dress, while a printed knit jacket lends a bold touch to your favorite pant and blouse. 

Stay cozy and stylish through the changing weather with sophisticated fall outerwear for every occasion. Browse women's jackets crafted from the finest knits for proprietary designs that perfectly blend comfort and elegance at St. John Knits.