Make a Statement with Elegant Embellished Evening Wear


Irina Knit Jacket for Luxury Travel WearIrina Knit Jacket for Luxury Travel Wear

As the weather cools and the bright colors of spring and summer begin to fade into the back of your closet, fall styles take over your wardrobe. The innovative thinking from Black Mountain College served as inspiration for the materials used in our Fall 2019 Collection. The textiles and groundbreaking creations from the school encouraged the ornate expression and rich dimension of our embellished couture wear.

This fall, be the one that dazzles the room. Rediscover the power of glam with St. John Knit's embellished evening wear featuring new fabrics, textures, glitter, and sequins.

Choosing Your Embellishments

From sequined knit jackets to evening gowns adorned with multi-colored stones, choosing the perfect embellished attire depends on your personal fashion preference and the type of occasion. 

Statement Sequin Knit Mock Neck Top

Evening Pallette Pinstripe Knit Jacket and Pants

Classic with a Dash of Glam

If your style leans towards a classic look or you're attending a traditional event, choose a garment crafted from our Glittering Sequined Rib. As an updated version of the signature sequined texture, the linear rib showcases glittering yarn with an added decorative element of beading on the shoulder straps.

For another classic eveningwear fabric, slip into a beautiful piece made from our Luxe Evening Jacquard. The solid base and different levels of gold and silver create a mosaic jacquard with sequined and metallic yarns.

New to the Couture line and featuring a spectacular texture, our Layered Sequins pattern is backed by a silk georgette and edged with hand-sewn black beads in an exquisite decorative pattern. We then evenly embroider sequins for a tailored look.

Modern Glitz

For an updated take on embellished eveningwear, the Sequined Snow Leopard Jacquard introduces a new technique that allows the sequins to lay on the surface of the fabric in a snow leopard pattern. This added texture gives the fabric the ultimate sparkle for any occasion, big or small.

Our Confetti Cashmere and Confetti Beaded Tuck Stitch knit fabrics bring whimsical flair to any outfit. The Confetti Cashmere features multi-color stones in a confetti degrade layout on a 3-ply Italian cashmere. The Confetti Beaded Tuck Stitch features a metallic yarn that's knitted into a tick stitch. This is the base for the multi-colored stones, which we hand-apply for a dramatic touch to your eveningwear.

Layered Sequin Silk Organza Jumpsuit

Evening Pallette Pinstripe Knit Gown 

How to Wear Sequins and Sparkles

The Fall 2019 Collection at St. John Knits features beautiful knitwear adorned with glittering beads and sequins for eveningwear that stands the test of time. Wear embellished garments year-round to infuse your look with a touch of glam for the ultimate show-stopping ensemble.

Subtle Sparkle

For subtle hints of sparkle, choose one piece of your outfit to display decorative elements, like sequins or metallic fibers. Pair one of our glamorous sequined blazers with a solid-colored satin blouse and a pair of black or white dress slacks to play on the classic suit look for an after-hours event. 

Full Glam Fashion

Go all out and make a statement in a more ornate ensemble featuring plenty of stones, sequins, sparkle, and shine. Slip into embellished dresses featuring unique textures and glittering beads to create the ultimate collector’s piece. Simply style your dress with a pair of heels and a clutch for a gala fundraiser or black-tie wedding.

Since our brand’s foundation in 1962, our luxurious embellishments and intricate knitwear continue to create iconic strides in women’s fashion. Now it’s your turn to make a statement. How will you do it?