Behind the Design: Fashion Inspiration Behind the Fall 2019 Collection


Our Fall 2019 trends are in and ready for you to bring them to life. Get an inside look at the fashion inspiration behind the design of the Fall 2019 Collection at St. John Knits.

fall 2019 collection inspirationfall 2019 collection inspiration

Black Mountain College

Formed in 1933 in North Carolina, Black Mountain College is known for its progressive, interdisciplinary education. Founding professors, Bauhaus artist Josef Albers, composer John Cage, and painter William de Kooning, placed value in liberal arts education, cutting-edge design, and the practice of art – values St. John Knits continues to hold true today. Their belief that fine art is fundamental to technical skill revolutionized and empowered handmade textile innovation, even influencing the way we see shape, color, and fabric. This belief and values system developed the backbone of St. John legacy.

Further inspired by textile master Annie Albers, this collection showcases intriguing patterns, rich textures, and specialty details paying homage to the avant-garde experimentation that took place at Black Mountain College.

Style Muses of the 1970s

The style icons and influential artists from the glamour era of the 1970s are the female muses and fashion inspiration of the Fall 2019 Collection. These chic women and their innate drive that propelled their professional careers inspired our timeless style.

American model Lauren Hutton, German dancer Pina Bausch, and founder of St. John Knit Marie Gray, all possessed an incomparable sense of personal style. Each of our muses played with new combinations of materials and pieces in their personal wardrobes, pushing boundaries and further stirring the women's movement.

This signature design style of the 1970s inspired our timeless pieces. Our Fall '19 Collection consists of free-flowing gowns, new and modern silhouettes, and bold, harmonious colors stemming from these confident and influential women.

Patchwork Cashmere Blend Knit Cardigan

Color Blocked Wool Intarsia Sweater

Lauren Hutton

As an American model, Lauren Hutton’s free spirit captivated photographers early on in her career. Her natural appeal and girl-next-door looks along with her daredevil spirit opened the door for a new kind of fashion. Dramatic yet chic, her sense of personal style inspired our designers to use prints and patterns, exaggerated proportions, and intriguing materials to capture the essence of bold feminine energy.

Pina Bausch

The late Pina Bausch was a German dancer and choreographer who influenced modern dance by breaking out of the traditional norm in movement. Best known for the way she blended sound, movement, stage props and sets to immerse the audience, she urged her dancers to rely on their senses to challenge themselves as artists. In keeping with her love for the art of dance, our ballerina-inspired pieces promote fluidity, romantic silhouettes, and feminine softness. Our wrapped tops, voluminous skirts, high-waisted pants, and long, lightweight dresses accentuate the female form.

Marie Gray

Marie Gray helped found St. John while working as a model in Los Angeles. To save money on dresses, she would hand-knit tops and skirts that proved popular among fellow models. With increased demand, Marie and her husband branched out into the fashion industry. Marie, as the face of St. John, the designer, and the producer had a hand in every stage. The pieces created were articles of clothing she would personally wear, which kept the brand relevant and authentic. Her grace, passion for luxury, and attention to detail prevailed in every design. We continue to be inspired by our founder’s sense of style and ability to capture the perfect combination of sophistication and innovation.

Our Fall 2019 Collection embraces the St. John Knits legacy by honoring our design principles and drawing inspiration from our muses to reinvent foundational pieces with a modern twist.