What to Wear on an International Flight


Irina Knit Jacket for Luxury Travel WearIrina Knit Jacket for Luxury Travel Wear

Preparing to jet set? Perhaps you're off on an important international business trip, or maybe you're planning your next getaway for a much-needed and much-deserved vacation. But before the journey can fully begin, you need to pack your bags, make your in-flight fashion selection, and comfortably reach your destination. Soar the skies in comfort and style with the right knit travel wear for a long-haul flight. 

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Start with a Comfortable Foundation

On international flights, you're confined to your seat for long periods of time, so you need to pick the most comfortable tops and bottoms to serve as the base layers of your ensemble. Though comfort is critical when flying, you don’t have to sacrifice your sense of style. Choose form-flattering travel clothes made from soft, unrestrictive materials for jet-set fashion that looks and feels good to wear.

Start with a long skirt or stretch-friendly knit pants for a stylish fit that feels comfortable even after hours of sitting. Pair your bottoms with a lightweight, breathable knit top for a versatile foundation you can easily add layers to as needed. 

Always Bring a Sweater

If you’ve ever been trapped on a plane that feels like the Arctic, you know how miserable it can be to fly without a warm sweater. Especially on long flights, planes tend to crank up the air conditioning to prevent the cabin from getting hot and stuffy from all the passengers’ cumulative body heat. Even if you close the personal air vent above your seat, the cold air can persist from the main AC system, making it harder to relax and get comfortable for your flight.

When you’re on a flight, you may not always be able to walk around to get your blood flowing and raise your body temperature, meaning you can get chilly faster and stay cold longer. This is why you should always carry an extra sweater or lightweight jersey knit cardigan. Look for pieces that are soft and loose-fitting so you don’t feel constricted. Buttoned and open-front options let you easily take them on and off as your body temperature fluctuates.

Even if you don’t need to wear your sweater for the full duration of the flight, you’ll have it with you when you land in case your destination has a cooler climate.

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Add More Layers as Needed

If you want to bundle up and sleep through part of the long flight, pack a cozy wrap in your carry-on for blanket-like warmth. Add a stylish scarf or knit cowl for some extra cushioning and support around your neck. It’s amazing the difference a few extra articles of clothing can make in your overall flight experience. 

Wear Comfortable Shoes and Compression Socks

If you tend to experience swelling in your legs or feet while flying, wear a pair of support tights or socks on board to help with circulation. Pair your socks with chic, comfortable shoes for the ultimate flight attire. Choose slip-on mules, ballet flats, or your favorite non-lacing supportive shoes to make navigating through airports more comfortable, too.

With the right foundation pieces, sweaters and accessories for layering, and sensible footwear, international flights are easier to manage. Find the luxury travel wear you need to fly in style and arrive refreshed and ready to take on your business trip or relax on vacation.