Wearing Pearls Everyday for a Modern Look

Behind the Design

The classic elegance of pearls brings a sophisticated touch to any outfit. Traditionally viewed as classic accessories for special events or formal occasions, a variety of modern fashion trends incorporate a contemporary twist on the classic pearl.

Get a fresh look and attitude by incorporating pearls into your everyday ensembles. Whether you prefer more classic combinations or a modern-chic aesthetic, learn everything you need to know about how to wear pearls at the office, on date nights, and everywhere in-between with these styling tips from St. John Knits.

Swarovski Pearl Necklace

Swarovski Pearl Earring

Rules for Wearing Pearls

Pearls come in multiple hues and colors, such as lavender, black, white, pink, gray, and chocolate. When wearing pearls, build your ensemble around the color and luster of the pearls. You can even match the pearls to your hair and skin tone, too. Use the following styling tips for wearing the right pearls:

  • For women with lighter hair and skin tones, pink pearls highlight your softer, feminine side and work well for romantic occasions.
  • The perfect option for women with darker hair and skin tones, lavender pearls add a degree of glamour to outfits and are best suited for formal occasions.
  • White pearls are incredibly versatile and work well with all skin tones and fashion choices, including casual and business ensembles.
  • While black pearls contrast beautifully with all skin tones just like white pearls, they don't fit as well in casual fashion contexts. They're typically used in combination with a formal dress or evening gown. 

How to Wear a Long Pearl Necklace

As long as it's properly matched with the color scheme of your outfit, a pearl necklace of any length can work in both a casual and formal context. Among the many different styles and lengths available, one of the most versatile options is the pearl rope necklace, which ranges between 48 and 60-inches long.

Create an ideal blend between elegance and casual composure by wearing a pearl rope necklace with dress jeans and a nice blouse or your favorite dress. Complete your look with a pair of our signature pearl drop earrings.

How to Style Pearls for Work and Casual Occasions

If you know how to pair pearls correctly with each outfit, you can achieve a timeless look wearing pearls every day. 

Wear Pearls to the Office

Since a simple pearl necklace should complement rather than compete with your outfit, try not to overdo the pearl theme in an office setting. Consider styling a single strand white pearl necklace with a slim-fit jacket, dress jeans, and a button-down or crew-neck blouse.

Add Class to Evening Outfits

Once again, a simple approach to styling with pearls is best during special dinners and evenings out. Pair a long pearl necklace with your little black dress to create a classy look. For more of a dramatic effect, choose multiple strands of colored pearls to pair with a matching bracelet to emphasize your overall look.

Of course, not all pearl jewelry is created equally. St. John Knit carries stunning jewelry made with incomparable construction and quality. Whatever you're wearing, make our pearl drop earrings and pearl necklaces a mainstay of your everyday accessories collection.