Inspiration Behind Fall 2019 Types of Silhouettes


The designs found in the St. John Knits Fall 2019 Collection feature modern silhouettes inspired by the dramatic proportions and shapes of this season's themes. Longer styles pair with cropped pieces, generous shapes work with impeccably tailored forms, and soft, fluid dressing works with hard, constructed pieces to create engaging, luxurious statements in each concept of the collection. Take a deeper look into the ways our collection's silhouettes were inspired and influenced by the grace of dance, structure of the military, and glamour of the 1970s.

Graphic Striped Rib Dress

Gail Knit Jacket with Patch Pockets

The Grace of Dance

The fluidity of movement in dance helped inspire this season's feminine silhouettes, delicate proportions, and breathable fabrics. These garments are designed with softness and grace to contrast our more structured pieces and promote balance. With German dancer Pina Bausch as our muse, the new romantic designs evoke a ballet dancer’s form and display volume through long-length skirts and ruffled evening gowns.

Satin pants and half-circle skirts play on the refined, gentle movement of dance, allowing ease and mobility when worn. New wrapped sweaters with long ties and high-waisted pants are crafted from free-flowing fabrics highlighting the feminine waistline. Pleating techniques add fit-and-flare drama to well-proportioned pieces and our modern stretch ‘Nuda’ acts as a second skin in many of our tops. 

The Structure of the Military

Designed with a bold salute to the military uniform, the structured menswear silhouettes get a feminine update for a more tailored fit. Cinched waists, strong shoulders, and elongated lengths create proportions made to flatter and exude confidence.

Our structured blazers and stovepipe trousers feature boxy proportions and fine attention to detail. Military-inspired trim, chain accents, and piped seams add sophistication and modern drama to classic pieces. The gold-rimmed horn button and flat metal button accents are immaculately placed throughout tops and bottoms and on cuffs and shoulders paying homage to the distinguished shape and aesthetic of the military uniform.

Confetti Sequin Knit Jacket

Evening Pallette Pinstripe Knit Gown

The Glam of the ‘70s

The retro look of the 1970s was pure glam sophistication. The era revolutionized the approach to women’s fashion with bold confidence and modern silhouettes. Inspired by the American model, Lauren Hutton, and her daring, timeless looks, the St. John Fall 2019 Collection gathered her approach for new silhouette shapes and textures.

The trends of this decade are celebrated through free-flowing gowns, animal prints, color-blocking separates, new proportions, and draped silks. Paired with a long, ruffled skirt or wide leg pant, this season is all about unapologetic, bold feminine energy. New animal prints come in a variety of weight, fabric and adding texture to any classic or simple outfit in your closet.

Tweeds and pleated fabrics are intricately engineered in various techniques and yarns for the ultimate fit and a bit of drama. Accents of faux fur and shearling add a hint of glamour perfect for pairing with our longer dresses and V-neck jumpsuits, which now have narrower lower necklines.

Since the brand’s foundation in 1962, our intricate knitwear, hand-crafted detail, and luxurious embellishments have made St. John Knits iconic in women’s fashion. The Fall 2019 Collection carries on this tradition with updated silhouettes inspired by movement, structure, and glam. Now you get to make it your own.