Spring Floral: How to Wear Floral Outfits this Spring


The weather warms up and spring florals blossom back into fashion in every color and style. Play with full floral outfits for a statement look, or add subtle accessories for an understated feel. This spring, rediscover the timeless trend with new hues and fabrics that perfectly suit your style. 

Choosing Your Florals

Delicate blossoms, bold petals, pastel hues – floral designs are as vibrant and varied as your favorite flower garden. While the range of styles is perfect for creating new looks, it can be overwhelming when deciding how to wear florals in everyday settings. The easiest way to incorporate new pieces into your wardrobe is to assess your favorite existing looks – find the color palette you naturally gravitate towards, and mix in complementary prints. Not only are you more likely to wear these hues, but they'll be easier to pair with the rest of your closet. 

Spring florals tend to incorporate lots of colors, ranging from soft pastels to vibrant neon hues. If you're shopping for everyday style, opt for softer colors that fit easily in business and casual settings. For special occasion pieces, take the opportunity to explore more vibrant styles. While it may not be a piece you'll wear every day, it brings a unique and memorable touch to your style that's perfect for making a sophisticated impression. 

spring floral against a blue skyspring floral against a blue sky

Full Floral Looks

When choosing the perfect floral dress, the color palette is the primary defining feature. If your style leans towards classic elegance, opt for a print with a soft neutral base and colorful floral accents. The design and color add a playful touch, while the neutral foundation keeps the outfit rooted in an approachable style. For a bold modern look, explore fully neutral designs – black and white floral prints lend a contemporary feel while the intricate floral pattern shows off the best of the seasonal favorite. 

Chic Two Piece Floral Ensembles

Create full floral looks in a new way with playful two-piece ensembles. Match a coordinating floral top and pant for a modern feel, or pair a statement piece with a simple neutral outfit for a look that showcases the trend without feeling overwhelming. You can also create unique two-piece ensembles by playing with the texture of your prints. Pair a sleek silk blouse with a cozy knit cardigan in the same palette for subtle, sophisticated style.

Alternately, you can create declarative ensembles with bold colors by coordinating accents in your flowery print. Select your favorite color in a floral print blouse, and pair it with a matching solid color pant. The pant brings out the hues in the top, creating a unified look with vibrant spring flair. 

Subtle Floral Accents

If full-body florals aren't really your style, it's easy to bring the look to life with subtle floral accessories. Scarves are the perfect way to incorporate a trend while adhering to your signature style. The simple design offers infinite possibilities for styling, from classic necktie styles to cozy shoulder wraps and statement belts. Add a colorful floral print to a neutral ensemble to draw the eye, or mix floral print accessories with a striped blouse or suit for a bold contemporary feel. 

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