Spring Layering Tips: How to Effortlessly Layer Clothes for Spring


Spring brings sunny days, pastel palettes, and bright floral prints, but it can also bring unique style challenges. That's why spring layering is a seasonal essential. Layered outfits create an effortless, refined look while keeping you comfortable from day to night. Explore tips on how to layer clothes for spring, as well as the best colors, fabrics, and accessories for poised spring style. 

fringe basketweave jacketfringe basketweave jacket

The Basics of Spring Layering

Spring layering relies on your seasonal wardrobe essentials – versatile pieces that keep you comfortable and pair easily with anything. Try to create a mix of short and long styles while the weather’s still crisp. For example, if you're wearing a long-sleeved shirt, balance it with a light vest overtop. The pairing shows off both pieces without feeling too warm or bulky.

If you're dressing for a cool morning, it's easy to layer a simple blouse, scarf, and jacket and remove layers as the weather warms up. On days when you're preparing for a night out, remember to pack those pieces even if you're not wearing them from the start. Even a lightweight scarf can add extra warmth for an evening out and it's easy to stow in a purse during the day. 

Choosing Your Color Palette

While spring trends may lean toward vibrant colors, neutral hues are an essential part of the perfect layered outfit. Particularly as the weather moves towards warmer temperatures, lighter palettes keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day. Crisp whites and tans lend a modern feel to your look, while soft robin's egg blues and pale pinks bring a touch of spring without absorbing too much heat. 

Each piece in a layered outfit should pair well with the rest, which is why monochromatic palettes are an effortless way to keep your style refined. Even if you have to add or remove certain elements, the unified hues tie your look together and lend a contemporary feel. 

If you're looking for a little color, choose a single statement item and build the outfit around that. Base pieces, like pants or a blouse, work best as the central theme, as these will remain even when you remove layers. Create a foundation with a colorful blouse, then add a neutral jacket and scarf overtop for a layered look with a personal touch. 

Dual Pattern Basket Inlay Jacket

Artisanal Basket Inlay Knit Jacket

The Best Fabrics for Layering

When you're layering clothes in warmer seasons, it's important that the foundation of your outfit is crafted from lightweight, breathable textiles. The lower layers should be the thinnest pieces, with a structured fit that's close but not too tight. Fabrics like cotton, viscose, and silk make perfect base pieces as they feel light and comfortable underneath other clothing. Thicker textiles add warmth in the outer layers, making knit jackets or vests perfect for a finishing touch. 

Accessorizing a Layered Look

Accessories are the perfect addition to any ensemble and an ideal way to add simple layers to a spring look. Lightweight pieces, like scarves and wraps, bring a touch of warmth that's easy to take on and off and add a pop of print or color to your look. Other small, lightweight pieces, like gloves and hats, make a perfect accessory for any spring layering look. 

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