5 Ways You Didn't Know How to Wear Metallic


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Metallic clothes and accessories make up some of the latest trends in the fashion industry. Worn correctly, metallic outfits add sophistication and glamour to your aesthetic, but worn incorrectly, metallic women's clothing can appear over-the-top or gaudy.

Metallic dresses, shimmering jackets, gold bracelets and elegant silver necklaces can make beautiful additions to your wardrobe. The key to wearing metallic clothes without going overboard is to select pieces that are refined rather than flashy.

Learn the five ways you didn't know how to wear metallic clothes from the style experts at St. John Knits for glam inspiration:

Dazzle at the Office

Metallic clothes can be tricky when it comes to a professional setting because you want to avoid wearing pieces that appear too loud. Maintain a work-appropriate style by picking clothes in darker hues, like a black metallic dress with a light shimmer or a midnight-blue pleated skirt. Pair these pieces with button-down shirts or nice blouses that suit a business environment.

When wearing metallic clothes at work, keep a professional appearance and bring balance to your overall look by pairing a neutral-colored blouse with a metallic jacket or a metallic dress with a simple cardigan.

Choose Subtle Metallic

For more casual occasions, like weekend brunches with friends or family outings, keep your look simple yet classy by choosing pieces with subtle metallic undertones. Consider pairing leather pants with a metallic top or wearing a metallic skirt with silver or gold flats. Stick to softer tones like pink or nudes when choosing a blouse to match a laid-back daytime vibe.

Go from Day-to-Night in Metallic Outfits

When going home to change after work isn't an option, there are plenty of easy ways to make your outfit evening-appropriate. Transition from work to play without a fuss in a versatile metallic dress. A little black shiny metallic dress looks just as amazing when paired with a blazer and flats as it does with a belted waist, shawl, and heels.

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Infuse Your Accessories and Shoes with Metallic

Rather than changing up your outfit, simply tie in metallic accents by changing your accessories. Swap out your normal purse for a metallic clutch, or put on a metallic necklace and matching earrings. Jewelry, watches and belts add a welcoming hint of metallic without making an overwhelming statement.

Shoes offer a tremendous opportunity to dress an outfit up or down, and metallic shoes complement a variety of outfits. Choose booties or flats with metallic hardware and embellishments for everyday wear, and dress up your evening look by slipping into a pair of dressy metallic heels.

Wear Metallic Clothes to Leave a Lasting Impression on Date Night

For a special night on the town with your date, turn heads with the right metallic outfit. A dressy metallic blouse or jacket is the perfect choice for dinner dates. Look for a low-cut blouse that hangs off the shoulder to create a fun and flirty vibe, or keep things sophisticated with metallic pants or a fit and flare dress to wear with elegant high heels.

Introduce metallic clothes into your wardrobe with these styling tips for a sophisticated look with a touch of glitz and glam.