Behind the Fall Colors


Prepare for the fall season with an array of bold colors and eloquent neutrals full of sophistication and refreshing surprises. The colors in our Fall 2019 Collection were inspired by Black Mountain College’s groundbreaking method of teaching students to view and interpret color, texture, and patterns. We drew from their legacy of an experimental, avant-garde approach to art to inform our collection's palette and textiles. 

Color Trends

Our Fall ’19 looks feature captivating and unexpected pops of color and refreshing, versatile neutrals. These seasonal, natural shades can stand strong as a single-garment ensemble but offer enough flexibility to work well as foundational pieces, allowing you to blend and layer colors.

This season’s collection embraces the Brauhaus artists’ study of a balanced palette with dramatic colors inspired by the 1970s glam scene and the subtle neutral tones of Pina Bausch’s modern ballet pieces. Learn more about our colors and their meanings for an insider's look into the making of our Fall 2019 Collection. 

Refined Cashmere Silk Rib Sweater

Gridded Texture Knit Bateau Neck Dress

A Balanced Fusion of Color

With a nod to the innovative ways of the art students at Black Mountain College, the first delivery of color in the Fall 2019 Collection combines inventive, experimental visions with inspiration from the Bauhaus artists’ modern designs. Clean, soft neutrals, like creams, grays, and palominos, are fused with saturated black and rich navy. These fusion colors are then cleverly integrated with bright calypso pink and golden ochre for a powerful yet sophisticated balance. 

The Softness of Color

The subtlety and softness of Pina Bausch's modern ballet pieces encouraged the foundation of neutral colors, including light beige, cream, and grey. Refined shades of pink and taupe paired with black make up the palette for the second delivery. The energy in this palette is intensified with bright shades of berry and deep hues of petrol. This delivery's neutral tones paired with clean, rich brights speaks to Bausch's refined nuance and artistic exploration.

Fearless and Bold Color

Fearless women with timeless confidence paved the way for color in fashion – that's our inspiration for this season's third color palette. Bright, saturated pinks and reds with accents of deep burgundy pop against a background of black and hints of cream for a modern graphics dynamic.

The refined tones and bold colors in this collection sum up the glamour of St. John, not just in the fall, but throughout the entire year. Make the looks your own with finely crafted garments from our Fall 2019 Collection for chic, colorful style rooted in rich history.