Tips for Wearing Bright Color Outfits this Summer


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How to Wear Bright Colors

Warm summer days are the perfect time to play with new styles, and nothing says fun in the sun like wearing bright colors. Discover how to incorporate vibrant hues into your everyday outfits with simple style tips from the experts at St. John Knits. Explore your perfect color palette, create balanced styles with elegant neutrals, and play with bold statement pieces for effortless and elegant summer ensembles.

Choose Your Color Palette

Crafting any colorful ensemble begins with choosing your perfect palette. The best way to pick colors is to base your choices off of what works with your existing wardrobe – not only are these the colors that you know look good with your skin tone and hair, but new pieces will also pair more easily with what you already wear. Explore creating outfits with multiple colors for a playful summer look, or discover a fresh take on monochromatic style with multi-tone ensembles.

Multi-Color Looks

Once you've decided on your favorite hues, create new outfits with two to three colors that complement each other. If you're pairing a printed piece, choose other designs that match an accent color in the print. This lends a unified look that draws the outfit together rather than creating a contrasting feel.

Monochromatic Ensembles

If more than one color feels overwhelming, try pairing multiple tones of the same color. A light blue top and navy trousers look fresh and elegant while maintaining a modern feel that's appropriate for everyday wear. The brighter color tends to draw the eye, so use this technique to accent your favorite features and create a sleek silhouette. 

Matched sets also offer a refined monochromatic look with a signature touch. The perfectly paired prints and textures keep your outfit sleek and professional, offering an effortless option for elegant work attire.

Balance Your Look with Neutrals

If bright color outfits feel too bold, pair the look with your favorite neutrals for a sleek style that's effortlessly elegant. White and other light neutrals bring a fresh and breezy feel to your ensemble, while darker shades make your colorful garment stand out. Play with a vibrant yellow or pink top and tailored white trousers for Sunday brunch, or pair a rich red or blue with a black skirt for bold evening attire. 

Play with Accent Colors

It's not just your staples that offer a pop of color – a bold accent creates an eye-catching look while maintaining the contemporary feel of an ensemble. Begin by crafting a foundation of your favorite neutrals, then choose a bright piece as the focal point of your outfit. Larger pieces like a coat or jacket create a statement, while still being easy to remove when you want to tone down your look. 

Accessories offer the perfect opportunity to add an accent color that doesn't overwhelm your outfit. A bright scarf or necklace over a neutral ensemble draws the eye, while vibrant shoes with a sleek black dress create an elegant evening look with a unique touch. 

Reinvent your wardrobe in fresh summer style with bright colored clothes for summer that are perfect for warm sunny days. Explore the color story from St. John Knits for proprietary pieces that are perfect for bright color dresses, monochromatic ensembles, and eye-catching accent styles.