A Trip to the Hamptons: What to Wear in the Hamptons this Summer

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The sun is finally starting to peek out, and you're about to jet off to the ultimate summer destination. Before those relaxing days on the beach can begin, you need to decide what to pack for the Hamptons. From seaside brunch to evening wine tastings, create the perfect ensembles for every occasion with our Hamptons fashion guide.

A Day at the Beach

Summer in the Hamptons makes the perfect beach vacation, with sun and sand just minutes from your favorite boutiques and eateries. When you're choosing dresses to wear on the beach, shop for comfortable and lightweight styles that work just as well for going out to lunch. 

Opt for breathable fabrics in light hues to avoid getting too warm while you relax. The seaside is the perfect venue to play with classic prints, like nautical stripes and polka dots, or add a soft splash of color with a delicate floral design. 

Don't forget the essential sun protection – a wide-brimmed hat adds classic elegance to your look while preventing damaging UV rays from reaching your skin.  

Brunch in the Hamptons

Crisp neutral ensembles are a Hamptons classic, and there's no place like brunch for your favorite little white dress. Chic cafes are a safe choice for summer outfits featuring light tones, as the sheltered venue protects your clothing from sand and ocean spray. Printed rompers offer a chic, feminine alternative, while a delicate lace blouse and white shorts are perfect if you're planning to finish the afternoon off at the beach.  

Wine Tasting Attire

It's rosé all day at this Long Island destination, where casual eveningwear calls for an adventurous twist. An elegant maxi dress brings a sophisticated feel, while a simple scarf or delicate necklace adds a touch of poise. Swap out classic evening heels for a flat sole, since you’ll want comfortable walking shoes while you tour the vineyard. 

The evenings can bring a slight chill, so include light outerwear in your wine tasting outfit. A soft cashmere jacket offers the comfort of a sweater while maintaining a structured look that fits the evening setting.

Poplin Tunic Blouse

Passementerie Trim Kaftan

Outfits for Montauk

A day trip to Montauk is the perfect way to explore everything the seaside has to offer. The end of the island has a relaxed, beachy feel that's slightly more casual than classic Hamptons style clothing. 

If you're browsing boutiques while you wander the town, a printed maxi dress or knit capri pants with a neutral blouse make a timeless ensemble. Mixing white, navy, and stripes lends a subtle nautical feel to your weekend outfits that’s perfect for the laid-back attitude of Montauk. Layer a cozy color block sweater over a neutral foundation for a beachy look that keeps you warm when the sun goes down.  

There's nothing like summer in the Hamptons for sun and style. Fresh white and neutral ensembles are the classic dress code, lending a sophisticated feel to every outfit from brunch to wine tastings. When the evening chill sets in, layer your neutrals with cozy pieces crafted for comfort and luxury. Designed for timeless style, St. John Knits makes it easy to find the perfect outfits for Hamptons fashion.