Summer Outfits Guide: What to Wear All Summer Long

Behind the Design

Palm trees under a blue skyPalm trees under a blue sky

With sunny weather just around the corner, it's time to shed the cozy sweaters and warm knits for light summer styles. Whether you're relaxing at the beach house or mingling on the yacht, create chic summer outfits with the perfect blend of sophistication and comfort.   

Variegated Engineered Rib Knit Top + Cardigan

Marled Link Stitch V-Neck Sweater

Summer Staples

No matter where your summer plans take you, there are a few basic essentials perfect for every destination. When building your summer wardrobe, focus on lightweight, breathable fabrics, like rayon and silk. Pair  straight leg pants with a lightweight satin tank for an effortlessly elegant look that's cool and comfortable. Opt for staples in a neutral palette to create a solid foundation you can dress up or down to suit the occasion. 

Beach House Styles

Summer is the perfect time to play with vibrant colors and bold prints, and there's no place like the beach for casual, colorful style. Pair a satin silk draped dress with a silk scarf for a flattering ensemble that's lightweight and breathable. Take the look from daytime to evening by swapping out sandals for a low heel and exchanging your scarf for an elegant statement necklace. 

What to Wear on the Water

Enjoying a day on the water presents a unique challenge – crafting ensembles that showcase style and poise, while still keeping you comfortable against the ocean breeze. Tailor your look to daytime and evening yachting, or layer up for a refreshing afternoon on the sailboat with the perfect summer wear. 

Passementerie Trim Kaftan

Shimmering Textured Tweed Dress

Yacht Party Styles

When choosing what to wear on a yacht, dress for the hour as well as the occasion. Daytime events call for country club casual attire, with a tailored blouse and skirt or a simple dress making a stylish impression. For evening events, a classic black cocktail dress or formal pantsuit creates a refined and comfortable ensemble. 

A chilly breeze can strike at any time on the water, so bring along an extra layer for your yacht club attire. A simple black sweater is perfect for more casual occasions, while a knit fitted jacket makes a cozy addition to eveningwear. 

Ideal Sailing Attire

A fresh breeze and a playful salt spray are your companions on any sailing trip, so be sure to dress for adventure. While the climate and weather will influence the specifics of your outfit, a couple of simple rules can guide your choice in what to wear sailing:

1. Opt for darker palettes.

While crisp white and tan ensembles make a fine impression, salt water can often stain lighter colors. Black and navy neutrals feel sleek and monochromatic while keeping you comfortable for long hours on the water.

2. Layer for comfort.

When selecting your sailboat attire, choose lightweight pieces you can layer to accommodate changing weather. Long sleeves protect your skin from sun exposure, while a cozy sweater and waterproof shell add warmth to your ensemble. 

Golf Club Ensembles

Lighter colors are summer country club classics, so this is the perfect occasion to showcase a pair of crisp white ottoman pants or a flattering A-line skirt. Choose something tailored yet moveable, since you want to stay comfortable as well as stylish on the course. When the game is finished, carry a neutral handbag to add a chic touch while you relax at the club.

Use the style tips above to craft outfits that suit the summer weather and seasonal activities. Perfect for taking to the sea or to the greens, elegant wardrobe basics from St. John Knits use the finest quality textiles to craft luxury summer wear that blends poise with comfort.