How to Wear Luxury Sportswear

Behind the Design

Crafting the perfect everyday ensemble can present a unique challenge – you want a look that's comfortable and lets you move freely while still feeling fashionable. Luxury sportswear offers a refined balance with soft fabrics and elegant details that feel as lovely as they look. Explore simple layering techniques, stylish fits, and statement pieces to craft everyday sportswear ensembles that combine ultimate moveability with fine fashion. 

Wool Jersey Knit T-Neck SweaterWool Jersey Knit T-Neck Sweater

Elegant Layering Styles

Layered outfits offer a perfect solution for fluctuating temperatures, keeping you comfortable and stylish throughout the day. The relaxed nature of luxury leisurewear offers a wide variety of ways to layer, with cozy scarves and knit sweaters pairing perfectly with your favorite shells and skirts. 

The key to comfortable layering lies in combining pieces of different weight and warmth. Wear lighter pieces, like a fine knit shell, close to your body, and save heavier pieces for your outer layers. If temperatures warm up, you can remove your heavy layers and feel perfectly cool and comfortable. 

When creating layered ensembles, remember that each of your pieces should be able to pair with all the others. If you add or remove certain designs, the whole outfit should still feel put together. A simple tip for achieving this level of coordination is to choose pieces within the same color palette, or select one statement piece and use neutral staples for the foundation. Even if you decide to take off the statement piece, you'll still be left with a simple and elegant look. 

Find the Perfect Fits

One of the most appealing qualities of sporty luxury fashion leisurewear is the exceptionally comfortable fit. The relaxed designs are soft and mobile, while even the more structured styles are crafted from flexible textiles that offer plenty of room to move and breathe.

One of the easiest ways to ensure your casual styles maintain an elevated feel is to wear a mixture of different fits. As a rule, choose one loose piece and one fitted piece to give your outfit plenty of definition while maintaining the comfortable and relaxed feeling of weekend wear. A knit skirt creates a flattering silhouette with a more open fit around the knee for an easy range of motion. Tie the look together with a fine jersey shell that's perfect for lightweight layering. 

Choose a Statement Piece

Luxury sportswear is anything but bland. A single statement piece is a perfect way to draw attention to an outfit while enjoying the comfort of your favorite wardrobe staples. 

Outerwear makes a perfect statement piece, as it can be easily added or removed to change up your look. Create a foundation for your outfit with simple pieces in a neutral palette, then layer in your favorite coat or jacket for eye-catching style.

Full-body designs, like a jumpsuit or dress, offer another elegant statement choice. The bold look of a printed shirt dress does all the talking, with no complex accessories needed. 

For enjoying a busy day around town or socializing with friends, luxury sportswear offers a sophisticated solution to your on-the-go lifestyle. Our soft luxury designs are crafted from proprietary textiles for exceptional comfort, making it easy to craft free and flexible ensembles with the perfect touch of poise.