June 26, 2018

For Resort 2019 exceptional craftsmanship is reimagined to create iconic styles destined to become life-long staples. This season we are all about jackets embodying a modern style appeal.

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Saint John Knits Resort 2019 Belle du Jour Jacket

By Emily Mercer on June 22, 2018

What will the St. John woman’s closet look like in 2020? What about 2030? We have a feeling it will at least include a suit. Colorful tweed suits are the brand’s signature, starting with its knit skirtsuits in the ’60s and evolving into the relaxed, less-structured blazers of recent collections. They’ve been tweaked and unstuffed to better serve today’s on-the-go, comfort-seeking woman, but whether or not that strategy will work for the next couple of decades remains to be seen. Connecting with new, younger customers isn’t easy; we’re spoiled for choice. Suiting is relatively timeless, though, and St. John is lucky to have the new-wave tailoring revival on its side.
Resort 2019 had a touch of the hackneyed nautical theme, but the bigger focus was on new jacket silhouettes. It’s easy to picture a working woman in her mid-30s wearing the hip-length houndstooth tweed blazer over cropped trousers for work, while ladies averse to the streetwear craze might wear it off-duty with a T-shirt and jeans. Another boxy cream jacket with enameled buttons had a similar dress-up-or-down appeal, plus a hint of a ’60s feel; it will register as nostalgic to the woman who’s been wearing St. John for decades but will feel a little charming and vintage-y to the girl channeling Audrey Hepburn.

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