March 2, 2018

Fall 2018 was designed with modern, international opulence in mind. The collection embodies elegance and refined comfort. Knitwear with innovative patterns, pronounced weaves and feminine textures are at the forefront of the collection.

View the Fall 2018 collection as reviewed by WWD.com below.

Saint John Fall 2018 Collection in WWD.com

By Emily Mercer on March 2, 2018

Modern opulence through both evening and daywear was the basis for Greg Myler’s fall effort for St. John. The collection folded in the brand’s rich and iconic tweeds with feminine details and easygoing knitwear ideal for a loungy afternoon in Southern California and a Parisian night out.
The majority of Myler’s daywear included updated, lightly embellished jackets with fringe or hints of shine, in classic tweeds, brushed mohair and woven velvet, as well as refined knit trousers. A lingonberry pink cashmere set made for a luxurious day-off look. Myler was able to transform his staples to evening — for example, via a currant red tweed skirt set, a knit velvet dress or a wonderful, floor-length lingonberry knit gown. The collection oozed soft luxury through the fabrics; there was nothing too stuffy or over-the-top fashion-y, but rather pieces the St. John woman would love to wear.

Saint John Fall 2018 lingonberry cashmere jacket and knit jacket and skirt set

Saint John Fall 2018 Jacquard Knit Gown and Inlaid Ribbon Knit JacketImage Credit: Nick Miramontes