Sea and Sky: Styling Different Shades of Blue for Summer

Behind the Design

Sunny summer styles are lighting up the street, and it's time to bring out your favorite fresh colors and breezy fabrics. If blue hues hold a special place in your heart and your closet, it's the perfect time to pair them in playful new ensembles. Learn how to style sleek monochromatic blue outfits, explore the delicate world of texture, and mix in complementary palettes for effortless shades of blue from sea to sky. 

Blue SkyBlue Sky

Modern Monochromatic Ensembles

There's nothing quite as effortlessly chic as a monochromatic ensemble. Blue offers the perfect palette for matching looks, from breezy daytime pastels to rich navy evening outfits.

The easiest way to create a monochromatic outfit is to pair one light piece and one dark. Lighter colors tend to draw the eye, so use the opportunity to highlight your favorite features. A pair of dark blue jeans with a soft robin's egg blouse focuses attention upwards, while a playful blue skirt and darker blouse lend emphasis to your silhouette. 

You can also create a streamlined look with perfectly matched shades of blue. With this style, choose at least one piece that’s fitted, while the other can be looser. Two flowy designs of the same hue can look vague, while a more structured design keeps the outfit feeling poised and put together.

Explore Unique Textures

Lend visual definition to your blue ensembles by mixing your favorite textures. Whether you're working with a range of shades or perfectly matched hues, varying textures lend depth to your outfit and keep the pieces looking distinct. Pair a delicate silk blouse with classic denim, or play with a navy knit blazer over a shimmering sequin gown for an eye-catching evening look. 

Resort 2020 Nautical PrintResort 2020 Nautical Print

Play with Prints

While solid colors are often the default for monochromatic styles, prints offer a unique way to add depth and individuality. The key to crafting ensembles with patterned pieces is to ensure the colors in the print complement the other shades in your outfit. A floral jacquard knit top featuring subtle navy accents pairs perfectly with a navy pant, while a floral dress can be worn with either navy or pastel blue accessories. The subtly matching shades draw the outfit together, creating a unified look that's effortlessly polished. 

Accent and Accessorize

Discover a subtle version of blue fashion by exploring the limitless inspiration of accessories. Accents offer an opportunity to play with any element of the trend, from monochromatic and contrasting colors to eye-catching textures and prints. Pair subtle pastel blue heels with a pastel top, or layer a cerulean scarf over a deep navy dress. A delicate sequined clutch or velvet handbag draws together the blue elements of your outfit for a chic, modern style.

Complementary Palettes

While summer blues offer a perfect palette for monochromatic ensembles, they also pair effortlessly with other colors. Wearing blue designs with a neutral foundation highlights the focal piece while lending a contemporary feel to your outfit. 

Explore lighter neutrals, like tan and white, for summer daytime wear, and transition to evening by mixing in darker grays and blacks. Your neutral palette can accentuate a primarily blue ensemble or act as the foundation of an outfit to draw attention to a single blue piece. 

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