6 Ways to Wear a Scarf

Behind the Design

Incorporating fashion scarves into your wardrobe is the perfect way to add a personal touch to any ensemble. Explore three scarf tying ideas to add intricacy to your look, or reinvent the classic piece as a shawl, wrap, or belt for a contemporary touch. 

Madras Silk Twill Scarf

Madras Silk Twill Scarf

How to Tie a Scarf

Changing the look of your scarf knot can lend an entirely new feel to this classic wardrobe staple. While there are many ways to style a scarf, there are a few timeless knots that pair effortlessly with nearly every ensemble:

The Classic Loop

Simply fold your scarf in half, place it around your neck, and pull the loose end through the loop to create a close fit with the ends hanging down. Achieve this style with both long and square fashion scarves for an elegant way to highlight any unique designs on the fabric.

The French Twist

Similar to the classic loop, begin by folding the scarf in half and placing it around your neck. This time, draw only one end through the loop, leaving the other on your shoulder. Grasp the loop at the base and twist it once, pulling the remaining end through the new loop. This creates a braided effect with a subtle intricacy that highlights the texture and color of your scarf. 

The Elevated Tie

Begin by draping the scarf around your neck with one end hanging slightly longer than the other. Wind the long end twice around your neck to create a close fit, then tie a half knot with the ends. Adjust the scarf so that the knot sits to one side, with the two ends hanging down. This is a perfect way to draw attention to a blouse or top or add a subtle accent without overwhelming the look. 

The Knotted Shawl

There are few accessories as versatile as a scarf – the simple design can convert from neckwear to a cozy shawl with just a few simple knots. Lay your scarf flat, then tie the upper and lower left-hand corners together. Repeat with the right-hand corners to form loose sleeves, creating a kimono-style wrap. The knotted design adds a little more texture to the look than simply draping the scarf and creates an effortless way to keep warm in chilly weather. 

Hand Drawn Artisanal Floral Silk Scarf

Hand Drawn Artisanal Floral Silk Scarf

The Cozy Wrap

What's not to love about an elegant scarf that can double as a cozy cape? Add a touch of poise to this relaxed look by pairing it with a belt at the waist. The accessory helps to fit the wrap scarf closer to your figure, creating a clean, sophisticated silhouette. 

The Statement Belt

Whoever said scarves must be worn around your neck? Accent a pencil skirt or a pair of high-waisted pants by styling your favorite scarf as a sophisticated belt. 

This variation is perfect for lightweight silk scarves, as the delicate texture sits close to your body to create a flattering silhouette. Fold the design in half to create a thinner belt, then wrap it around your waist and tie the ends in a low double knot at the front or side. Play with simple neutrals to create a streamlined look, or explore subtle designs to add depth to your ensemble. 

Luxury fabrics offer nearly infinite possibilities for unique and elegant ways to wear a scarf. Delicate silk designs from St. John Knits are crafted for exceptional quality, with soft fabrics and rich hues that bring composure to any ensemble. Play with classic knots, cozy wraps, and elegant statement belts to reinvent a timeless accessory.