Modern Vintage: How to Incorporate Vintage Glamour into Your Modern Look


Vintage glamour is making a revival with a modern twist. If you're feeling inspired by sophisticated retro ensembles, incorporate the trend into your wardrobe with a few simple tricks from the style experts at St. John Knits. Learn how to wear subtle, structured designs, bold statement pieces, and timeless accessories for elegant styles that transcend time.

drape silk blousedrape silk blouse

Play with Structured Styles

Vintage looks are sometimes associated with bold colors and prints, which can feel a little overwhelming in a contemporary setting. When you're creating modern vintage fashion that fits today's style, draw your inspiration from the structure and feel of vintage clothing rather than the print. A structured blazer is the perfect way to incorporate a classic touch with a timeless fitted look that's appropriate for business meetings and evening events. Opt for a deep hue, like navy or hunter green, to bring a little color to your look, or play with an understated version of a retro print with a houndstooth pattern in a subtle neutral palette. 

Create a unified vintage look by pairing your blazer with a chic pair of stovepipe trousers. The tailored look fits effortlessly with a flowy blouse, creating a poised office ensemble that blends classic and modern elegance. Complete the outfit with oxfords or a simple heel for a subtle vintage look with a flattering silhouette. 

Choose a Statement Piece

Salute your favorite era with a bold statement piece layered over a subtle contemporary ensemble. The eye-catching design sets your look apart, while the modern base grounds your outfit and maintains a classic elegant feel.

Begin by choosing your focal piece and building the rest of your outfit around that design. For a simple way to achieve this style, select a coat or jacket for your vintage accent, and maintain a subtle modern look with your pants and blouse. Add a luxurious faux fur coat for glamorous evening occasions, or explore a simple shearling for fall daywear. Balance the look with a fitted pant in a complementary neutral hue and a modern turtleneck or blouse for an understated feel. The simple ensemble also offers comfortable day-to-night potential, with a contemporary office look that effortlessly transforms into evening attire. 

Accessorize with Vintage Flair

The 1970s glam look is making a return with revitalized fall styles and layered accessories. Accessories are a classic retro staple and the easiest way to incorporate the vintage trend without overhauling your wardrobe. A few stacked bracelets and necklaces over a fitted turtleneck lend a bold, glamorous feel that's still sophisticated and work-appropriate.  

Well-layered accessories also tie together vintage styles without requiring the entire outfit to feel retro. Follow the simple top-to-bottom rule: match a retro skirt or pant with a vintage necklace, or a retro top with vintage shoes or a clutch. The accessories unify the outfit, while the interim piece breaks up the theme and brings the look into the modern world. 

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