What to Wear to a Bridal Shower


Flowers in vasesFlowers in vases

Deciding what to wear to a bridal shower can be a challenge, especially since no two showers are the same. The formality of the event will largely depend on the type of venue and the bride-to-be's taste. Whether you're attending a casual bridal shower in someone's home or a semi-formal shower in a country club or upscale restaurant, you have a variety of bridal shower attire options to choose from. Use our expert fashion tips as inspiration for assembling your ensemble:

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You Can't Go Wrong with a Dress

When you're a bridal shower guest, wearing a lovely dress never fails to make a chic statement. Classic styles like A-line and fit and flare dresses achieve a sophisticated look, while decorative details, like delicate lace, sequins, hand-beaded trim and silk materials, offer a unique, eye-catching touch. Bridal shower dresses for guests in the right combination of figure-flattering styles, comfortable fabrics and stunning silhouettes let you shine without overshadowing the soon-to-be bride.

Romantic Floral Patterns

Many styles of modern wedding shower guest dresses feature romantic floral patterns. Floral prints are on-trend all year, as long as you know how to find the right fit for the season's style.

Stay cool when attending a bridal shower held during the spring or summer in a short-sleeve dress and a lightweight material that breathes well, like cotton, chiffon, linen and rayon. To create a light and bright feeling, opt for a springtime-inspired floral print dress featuring popping designs and colors.

When attending a winter bridal shower, pick a dress with heavier material and layer as needed. While bold or pastel colors work great in the spring and summer, consider sticking with more of a neutral color palette when wearing a floral wedding shower dress in the wintertime.

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Choose Separates for a Relaxed, Chic Vibe

If dresses and floral prints aren't your taste, couple a modern blouse with a sleek pair of printed, metallic, jacquard or silk pants. If you decide on a darker color of pants, make sure you go with a softer, more feminine blouse to lighten your overall look.

The Power of Accessories

Nothing makes an outfit more your own than choosing the right accessories to highlight your inner queen. A little bit of sparkle adds tremendous glam to an event like a bridal shower. Don't be afraid to dazzle and delight by infusing shine into your ensemble. Go all out by accenting your bridal shower attire with beaded, sequined or metallic jewelry, or opt to keep things simple yet elegant by opting for accessories featuring a hint of sparkle that won't distract from your overall look.

A good rule of thumb to consider is: if your dress already makes a bold statement, keep your accessories simple. Think dainty silver or gold jewelry and minimal hair accessories. 

Look your best in the latest styles of occasion-appropriate bridal shower attire. Explore the collection of luxury dresses at St. John Knits for inspiring bridal shower guest looks.